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Irina Tufescu

Analytical psychotherapist

I am a certified psychotherapist with experience in individual sessions with a focus on a more in-depth approach. I am particularly fond of the Jungian model of the psyche and I believe in the discovery of oneself through the union of opposites, as an expression of self knowledge and acceptance.

My work and the tools that I use focus on helping people navigate difficult situations and changes, with the purpose of not only coping, but finding meaning in their lives. In the therapeutic proccess we give voice to the neglected parts of yourself and seek to uncover dormant potential by awakening, within, your innate capacity for creativity and healing.


About me

I am trained and licensed in Jungian psychotherapy. In my early years I did not know this will be the path I was going to choose for myself, but inner exploration and constant self-inquiry were always an expression of how I chose to live my life.


My journey has taken me through many experiences that feed my analytical work. I studied and worked in various industries for a bit more than 13 years. My professional experience includes assignments in leadership, coaching and training, project management, copywriting, and content creation.



Almost 11 years ago, with the start of my first therapeutic process and as a natural progression of my inner work and development, my desire to become a therapist solidified and led me into graduate and post-graduate training.


I chose to train in analytical psychotherapy, a branch of depth psychology, because my background lies in this type of work and because of the profound transformation that one goes through when involved in this kind of a process.


I believe that each person is a new and unique combination of psychic elements, an unrepeatable consciousness that cannot be deduced by applying general and preconceived formulas and these aspects are the keystone of analytical psychotherapy.




If you feel you are ready to start your healing journey, curious about exploring the deepest parts of yourself, and want to schedule an appointment with me, you can either reach me by phone or by text using the form below.

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